New Website...New Album!

Welcome to the work in progress that is my new website. The background images are photos I took of rusting telephone poles in Northeast Minneapolis. I am fascinated with rust, and although I'm not one to whole-heartedly endorse a simple distinction between nature and culture, rusting metal can nevertheless be profitably seen as a beautiful site of contestation between humans and the environment in which they dwell.

I am going to try and update this site frequently as Kid Dakota has a lot of proverbial irons in the proverbial fire. First and foremost, my new album - Denervation - will be released on Graveface Records in the United States and Devilduck Records in Europe on January 19th, 2018! I have been working on this album for quite some time and am very excited for the world to hear it. Not having released an album since 2011, it's time to get back in the musical game. There are many other exciting projects in the mix, so stop by again sometime soon!

Please visit my Bandcamp page to purchase music and merchandise.